Location: LB Tower Hamlets;
Client: Telford Homes;
Uses: 6 houses and 18 flats;

David House is a new build redevelopment of a brownfield site immediately adjacent to the Limehouse Cut Canal.

The southern edge to the street is a terrace of 3 storey contemporary houses; two storeys in yellow stock brick with generous windows, with a rooftop room in a contrasting grey cladding giving access to a generous terrace and rhythm to the street, and low to allow sunlight into the central space. Living spaces opening onto private rear gardens, and bedrooms located above facing south, protect privacy.

The northern edge facing the Canal is defined by two apartment buildings of 3 and 4 storeys. The larger is a linear east-west building which maximises frontage to the canal for all apartments. This is a red brick building sitting tightly to the back edge of the towpath, referencing the familiar character of traditional canalside warehouses. At the centre of the northern elevation, a tall bay window offers surveillance to the towpath. A smaller simple yellow stock brick building completes this edge at the Northwest corner.

Access to the blocks is from this secure garden encouraging use of the space. The ‘internal elevations’ are lighter and brighter; in white render punctuated by patterns of bold colour. The garden space is designed as a calm and tranquil space and offers a variety of amenity uses including private gardens, a hard paved urban space, and green play space onto the canal.

This is a contemporary scheme, responding to its context and providing high quality new homes designed to promote a sense of community for all residents.