chai cancer care

Location: Hendon, LB Barnet;
Client: Chai Cancer Care;
Uses: 280 sq.m extension;

RMA Architects have worked with Chai Cancer Care over 5 years to develop their facilities. This unique charity offer support & therapies to Jewish cancer patients and their families.

Chai’s facilities were contained within two 3 storey Victorian buildings with a disused swimming pool room and a third building not linked to them. The pool room was demolished to make the site for a new extension & the empty building was incorporated as a new facility.

Phase 1 was the extension providing space for counselling, physio, relaxation and events. The warm zinc cladding allows the building form to nestle softly within the adjacent landscaping. The extensions linked rooms and open spaces have abundant natural light from glazed courtyards and high level rooflights.

Phase 2 was the refurbishment of the existing empty property to provide clinic rooms for treatment and consultation, flexible spaces for administration, volunteer training, an Art and Music room. The light & bright modern building is the perfect environment for all treatments.

The refurbished building pulls natural light deep into the building with a skylight and atrium cut through three floors, relocating the existing staircase and providing a new lift connecting all the floors of all the buildings.